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"Ο διάσημος διαιτητής έκανε ένα μεγάλο λάθος."

Translation:The famous referee made a big mistake.

February 24, 2017



Usual scenario in the Greek Super League :-)


I translated this (apparently incorrectly) as "The famous referee made a big error". Is there a different word for error? In English mistake and error seem synonymous to me.


"Error" is now accepted. Thank you for your input ^.^ But keep in mind:

  • Error is a direct translation to σφάλμα, not λάθος.

  • Error and mistake are not always interchangeable. They are synonymous, but generally, a mistake is a choice that turns out to be wrong, while an error is a bit more of a formal and technical term (just like σφάλμα is in Greek), referring to something that's wrong due to some lack of knowdedge or rule/protocol violation.

In this case, of course, it's correct, because in sports, rule violations are called 'errors', so the coach could have made a regrettable decision, or violated a rule. ^.^


Thank you for the detailed explanation. I so appreciate the insight of the difference between the two words!


You're welcome! Happy learning! ^.^

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