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  5. "Rehema ni mwalimu mtanzania."

"Rehema ni mwalimu mtanzania."

Translation:Rehema is a Tanzanian teacher.

February 24, 2017



Shouldnt it be Rehema ni mwalimu wa mtanzania? I thought you had to put a preposition to connect two? (The "wa" of association, as the hints and tips page says.)


Is this saying she is a teacher of tanzanian or that she is teacher of tanzanian nationality?


Based on the rest of the examples, I'd say it's a teacher of Tanzanian nationality. If it were a teacher of Tanzanian, it would be mwalimu wa mtanzania. Also Tanzanian isn't really used as a noun so it wouldn't make sense, like what would a teacher of Tanzanian teach. Hope that helps!


Why did i get this wrong when I got it right

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