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  5. "Wape kazi"

"Wape kazi"

Translation:Give them work

February 25, 2017



Why is "them" the object here? I thought this was saying "They should give work" or something like that. Why isn't "they" the subject? Am I missing something?


I didn't see it explained anywhere, but the subject "you" is often implied when speaking to someone, such as with a "polite imperative". So "Wape kazi" = "(U)wape kazi" = "(you) give them work" = "give them work". Also in this case, "kupa" requires an object, so if it appears to be missing, it must mean that the implied subject has been dropped, leaving just the object.


Isn't the object kazi? Does kupa always require an indirect object?


I can't give you an answer on that, but I can say that it really doesn't help that so many of the sentences in this course are incomplete sentences without any context.


Yes, kupa requires an indirect object, and marks that one instead of the direct object.


'Who' is being given 'what' is being specified. Wape= give them Mpe= give him/her Nipe= give me Tupe= give us

What is being given in this instance is kazi.


Why not "they should give the work"???


Good question - why not - they should a work. =D But is case - wape kufanya kazi - it is not such a evident. By the way - they have to work > wanapaswa kufanya kazi.


Incomplete sentence in English - give them SOME work... or give them a job

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