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  5. "Yes, you are welcome!"

"Yes, you are welcome!"

Translation:Da, cu plăcere!

February 25, 2017



You say "pentru putin" after someone says thank you. And "placerea mea" is also something you say after someone thanks you.


”plăcerea mea” = my pleasure ”pentru puțin” = not at all ”pentru nimic/nu face nimic” = for nothing

”You are welcome” literally is ”Ești binevenit”. ”You are welcome” as a polite reply to a ”thank you” should be translated as ”cu plăcere” as 1st in the row. Of course, the other translations should be accepted too, but this is up to our moderators.


I answered "sunteti bineveniti" because I was worried that duolingo would be too literal. "Cu placere" means "with pleasure", so anyway....


Would "pentru puțin" also work for "you're welcome"?


How about "Placerea mea!" (?) And how does one invite someone into one's presence or hospitality? Mersi!


My answer was bine ați venit. As I understand it is your welcome and cu placeră is with pleasure. I used bine ați venit in a earlier sentence and it was correct... Is it the context they are used in?


bine ați venit! = welcome! - as in "welcome to our home!" cu plăcere!= you're welcome/ no worries /with pleasure - used as an answer to "thank you"


Înțelege... Mulțumesc Getaraketa pentru clarificare :-)


I think I need to wait until the confuser comes up to speed in this language.

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