Android app no longer working on 2.3.4

For some weeks now I and a lot of others have been unable to connect to duolingo with our android devices. We get the message "We're having trouble connecting to duolingo right now, check your connection or try again in a bit". I have tried re-installing, emptying the cache and deleting data. I do understand that I am on an old android version (gingerbread 2.3.4), but I would like to know if this is the problem and why?

February 25, 2017



very nice precise subject. Well done!

I think for now everything is already said (and should be transparent to the DuoLingo team):
"Android app does not connect":

Today the (newest) Android app V3.42.1 and syncronization of finished 4-5 offline lessons in ONE skill has terminated again straight after the start without successfully syncing the tree, right after the tree was shown for ~0,5-1 sec - just as bad as the last 3-4 versions where I have personally submitted a bug report.

With no debugging / tracing and activating logging on the app client side (where are those log files when the app terminates???) I have no hopes that there will be much, what the DuoLingo core / server developer team can do about.
I also have my doubts that they even have such an old Android phone for the required on-site tests anymore ;)

Have you already looked for a nice new octa or deca core Android phone? :-)
On all apk archive specs it says version requirement: >=V4.0.3.

February 25, 2017

Same issue here with Android 2.3.5. I lost my samsung on holiday and had to turn to my ancient reserve LG. It would be nice if this was fixed, but as a developer myself I appreciate that it's painful to support old Android versions.

April 27, 2017
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