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  5. "Wataenda baharini kesho?"

"Wataenda baharini kesho?"

Translation:Will they go to the ocean tomorrow?

February 25, 2017



There's an Arabic word close to this, بحارين /beharin/ seas.


It is from arabic. 40% of all the words have arabic origin.


Not very sure about 40%, but I'm trying to point out similarities wherever I find them :-)


Thanks for pointing it out, yet the article seems oddly unscientific to me. The author's language is very antagonizing and self-righteous, and just doesn't match the style needed to write an academic essay. As an example, I don't think the essay should start with calling the language "exploited", "corrupted" and such.(I don't have that writing style myself. Yet I still see a difference) There's also no resources, which makes it very unlike a, say, a scientific article.
I'm not necessarily saying the author is wrong, I'm saying I'm not going to take him at his word, and on an essay that misses so much.


That is a TERRIBLE article.

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