"Don't you eat beef?"

Translation:Voi nu mâncați carne de vită?

February 25, 2017



Why is it sometimes just vită and other times carne de vită? That means meat of beef

April 21, 2018


Is there any difference between carne de vită and carne de vacă?

February 25, 2017


No. Vita is a word that people use instead of vacă when they want to be more polite, like when you go to a dinner party, or a restaurant

December 30, 2017


Vaca= cow ; vita=beef?

December 2, 2018


Why doesn't it also accept "Tu nu mânănci carne de vită?" without telling me I have typos?

January 28, 2019


There is no "mananci" in the option to choose, only "mancati" (March 2019). It's the indicator for choosing 2nd person plural.

March 29, 2019


I did not have a word bank when I did the question, so it should accept the answer for 2nd person singular and 2nd person plural since there is no differentiation in English.

March 29, 2019
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