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  5. "How does he use it?"

"How does he use it?"

Translation:Anh ấy dùng nó như thế nào?

February 25, 2017



What is the difference between thế nào and làm sao?


"thể nào" = "what form"

"làm sao" = "do what"


Same question and why is one at the beginning of the sentence and other at the end


There are three different translations for "how". When do I use each?


Why is - "Như thế nào anh ấy dùng nó? not right?


Như thế nào: at the end of the sentence. I'm not sure why must it be.


Why when I answered:

"Làm sao anh ấy dùng nó?" it inserted 'để'? I thought 'để' was supposed to be when you were saying 'how to...verb' and when it was in front of a noun/subject it was simply 'làm sao'. That's what the course notes said!


Làm is a verb by itself. If you use Làm sao, you are now restructuring the sentence making dùng a secondary verb.

"làm sao anh ấy để dùng nó" is "what does he do to use it?"


I think làm sao and như thế nào need to be taught better. This whole section is very confusing, I still feel im just guessing which one to use.

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