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"I have five dogs and five cats."

Translation:Έχω πέντε σκύλους και πέντε γάτες.

February 25, 2017



Why σκυλους ? What case is this?


See my comment below. ^.^ I hope you find it helpful!


Σκύλους; What? Isn't the plural σκύλοι? Or this is a case?


This is Plural, Accusative case :) (Οι) σκύλοι (nominative), (των) σκύλων (genitive), (τους) σκύλους (accusative).

If you're wondering why Accusative is needed here, it's because you're answering the question of "whom/what", as in "What do you have?". You've got five cats and five dogs.

It sounds a bit weird, but that's how accusative works. ^.^


So if we were just making a statment not answering a question I have five dogs would we use σκύλοι


No. Even if you just stated the fact that you have 5 dogs, you have to use the accusative.


Why σκυλιά?


Σκυλιά is a neutral plural that's used, just in case that the dogs' gender isn't specified, or if it's a group of dogs from both.

(Normally, σκύλος is the male version, σκυλίτσα -or σκύλα, although I don't recommend using that one. It's mostly used as a curse. :P- the feminine one, and σκυλί the neuter one, in cases where gender isn't specified or important. You can use whichever one you want, σκύλος/σκύλοι or σκυλί/σκυλιά, both are correct. ^.^)

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