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New lessons already half solved after initial activation

I just solved the imperativ lesson in french. Then I went to the next one: Verbes modal. There it showed that I already had solved half of the exercises, which can't be true as they were only activated a few seconds before. I am fast but not that fast.


March 7, 2014



It's sometimes due to verbs/vocabulary being used in other modules. In Spanish, we have a module over out 'to be' verbs, but once you get to it, they're golden. It's why Basics 1 never decays - you just use those words in other modules. Don't worry, the verb modules will decay over time.

However I don't know the verb endings in French, but if the imperative and modal endings are the same then yeah


peut, faut, doit, voulez, peuvent, peux, puisse, dois, pourra, faudra, pouvez, devra, pourront, veux - Most of them were surely never used. It never happend to me before.


Ik this is late, but it happened to me too...i'm not complaining :)

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