"Eu îi cumpăr Mariei un ceas."

Translation:I buy a watch for Mary.

February 26, 2017

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why do i have to translate names? There are often alternate spellings for names so how do we define what is 'correct'. Also while Pavel for example is a 'translation' of Paul and would be a given name if I was born in a Slavic country - I was not, so I am Paul. Equally if Pavel visits England or USA he would not expect to be called Paul - his name is still Pavel?


So one can learn the translation of important words, which is kinda the purpose of Duolingo.


Can't this also mean "I will buy Mary a watch"? Why? Mulțumesc foarte mult.


Why it is not " eu îi cumpăr pentru Mari un ceas"? I do not understand why "Mariei" when she doesn't have it yet.


Compare it with the more common:
"I'm buying Maria a watch"

Here Maria is the indirect object, and for the indirect object, in Romanian and certain other languages such as Latin and Polish, the Dative case is used.


because Mariei is Dativ here, not Genitiv.

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Is duolingo automatically programme to recognize obvious typos, or is it entirely up to the programmer of the course? It would be nice if the software didn't make me redo this because I typed "by" instead of "buy."


I have observed that if the typo has a meaning by itself as another word, the program will more likely qualify it as a mistake. I'm not sure, though.

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