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The daily XP graph is surprisingly motivating

Seeing my XP more and more on the rise, I keep trying to get higher XP a day even though it might go way above my daily goal!

February 26, 2017



I agree, I just wish it showed more than the last 7 days.

February 26, 2017


Me too! A huge graph showing every day would be great! It would probably need an entire new tab on the top bar to show XP from everyday.


It is very motivating!!


Indeed. Motivating is also your profile, with so many languages at high level.


Thank you!! I bet you will learn many languages soon!


yes it is. I always go way above my daily goal too- they should make some higher daily goals!


Me too! In fact, today's the most I've ever done: 1480 XP! I'm doing more right now, though,

[deactivated user]

    Nothing wrong with exceeding your daily goal!


    I love the XP graph!


    I know right! I have only used this app for a week but I already know 425 Italian words now. Every time I get notifications that are like "learn more Italian words" or whatever they say, I go to the app because I don't want to lose the streak. It's like Snapchat streaks, except I don't use Snapchat lol.

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