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"Иван не работает над этим проектом."

Translation:Ivan is not working on this project.

February 26, 2017



It's a fixed expression, работать над + instrumental


This was a translation construction from parts. "'s" was given as a component but "Ivan's not working on this project" was marked wrong. It would not permit the contraction, common in most English speaking countries. It wanted "Ivan is not..."


Why is "Ivan is not taking part in this project" considered incorrect? It seems to be implying the same thing.


Your translate may be used if Ivan is one of many people, who works on this projekt. We dont know it. ) If Ivan works alone, "he works on this projekt"


I got it wrong for using "in" instead of "on". Does it really make a difference? I feel that both of them make sense


Hi, as a native English speaker, I we would normally say you work 'on a project' and I don't usually hear someone working 'in a project'. So although it would be understood what you mean, it isn't how it would be said.

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