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"Những đứa trẻ yêu gia đình của họ."

Translation:The children love their family.

February 26, 2017



I thought yêu was only supposed to be used for romantic love?


I believe thương would be a better fit in this context, or at least yêu thương, because yêu implies a more romantic context. Then again, thương almost implies a sort of pity, so yêu thương is actually probably the best option. In all honesty, the Vietnamese language does not share a direct translation for many of the connotations of the English "love". That is why my Vietnamese family actually uses the English word instead in most cases. It is becoming a commonplace word in Vietnam, they are stealing it from English, sort of like how they stole the word TiVi. :)


Why not ' gia đình cua minh'


Mình is a very complicated word. We use it only in very close relationships and even then it usually is used in reference to oneself, not others.


Does anything differ between "the children love their family" and "children love their family'?


Children love their family: general children. The general word for children is "trẻ con".


Can't you use đứa trẻ without những as the general word for children?


It should be "thương" I think


"yêu" sounds like 'il' above.

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