"I would prefer to go out."

Translation:Basai'n well gyda fi fynd allan.

February 26, 2017

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I had this as a multiple-choice test and was a little amused that I had to pick Basai'n well gyda fi fynd allan. and Basai'n well gen i fynd ma's -- as I consider gyda and ma's "southern" and gen and allan "northern", so both sentences were mixed :)

Showing yet again that this whole "northern/southern" thing is a simplification and nobody speaks 100% "pure" Textbook North/South Welsh.


You're quite correct. In any place, you will find words in use that, according to common wisdom, should not be used in that area. Further, due to increased mobility, you have people from one place moving to another and picking up some of the local speech features while retaining others from their old place.


"basai'n well gen i fynd allan" - why is "gen i" incorrect please? Diolch.


Same question as Huw why is basai'n well gen i fynd allan marked wrong?

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