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Old Norse and English...

(I'm really hoping this is not against the guidelines)

Hi everyone!
If you didn't know the Vikings (who used to live in Scandinavia) spoke in Old Norse.
What you probably didn't know is that a lot of English words (over a hundred!) originated from Old Norse! Most of those words are messy or related to war... or raiding... or ransacking
Here are 15 of those words:

  1. Viking! The Vikings did not call themselves Vikings! They probably didn't call themselves Norse-Men either... so why do we call them that? Well... The Vikings lived in Scandinavia in the North (North, Norse, sound familiar?). Viking... In Old-Norse, to go A-Viking would be to go exploring/raiding. A Vikingr was a person who who went on these expeditions. So actually... we are calling the Norse-Men raiders, although not all of them were raiders. Some peacefully settled in other places or were farmers. In fact, all Vikings were farmers when they weren't overseas!

2.anger – angr (trouble)
3. clip – klippa (to cut)
4.slaughter – slatra (to butcher)
5.rotten – rotinn
6.lad – ladd (young man)
7.cake – kaka (in Arabic, they call cake Ka'akaa)
8.awe – agi (terror)
9.ball – bǫllr (round object)
You might have been calling a 'ball' a 'cube' if it weren't for the... Norse-Men!
10. Egg-egg
11.Sleuth-slóth (Sleuth now means Detective but the original slóth meant trail.)
12.ugly – uggligr (dreadful)
13.stain – steina (to paint)
14. race – rás (to move swiftly)
15. or ransacking. Remember this line? Wondering why I made ransacking bold & italics? Because ransacking is an Old-Norse word!
Ransack – rannsaka (to search a house)

If you want to know more, please write on my activity stream! I'll either make another post with more words or will write the words on your stream.

I hope you enjoyed this! Thank you for reading!

1 year ago