"Tŷ pâr"

Translation:A semi-detached house

February 26, 2017

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I wrote "pair of houses". That would be correct in English, but I am not familiar with the term semi-detached house.


If you translate it literally it is ‘a paired house’, which describes it pretty well - one of two houses built together as a pair, sharing a common central dividing wall. Usually called ‘a semi-detached house’ in Britain.

  • a pair of houses - pâr o dai


In America, that sort of structure is called a duplex.


Since "semi-detached" is not given as a possible meaning for "par" I think "a pair of houses" should be accepted, or else the meaning of "par" needs to be amended.


The pop-up hints show ‘semi-detached house’ for tŷ pâr.

  • pâr o dai - a pair of houses
  • pâr - a pair
  • tŷ pâr - a semi-detached house

pâr on its own does not mean ‘semi-detached’.

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