Today I reached a 500 day streak!

I wish I could say that I now feel confident and competent in the languages that I am learning, but it is more like occasionally I realize I know a word that I didn't know I knew. Language seems to be a special category of knowledge, different from other learning... harder to acquire, more invisible.

Thank you to all the volunteers, employees, other learners that make this resource available to me. All your efforts and participation make this possible for me. You are essential and appreciated.

February 26, 2017

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February 26, 2017

Congratulations to you too. Your streak is 505 as of today! Look at all those languages and level 25 as of today on most of them. Very impressive.

En verkligt imponerande lista med flaggor! Bravo!

i know, i spelt that wrong

Congratulations, that is amazing

9 more days will be my turn to 500. xD

Tienes lo mismo nivel en español que mi! Bravo.

jaja, ahora solo realizo

¡Muchas felicitaciones a ambos! =)

Perdonen si les hago una simple aclaración.

"¡Tienes el mismo nivel en español que yo!"

"Ahora recién caigo (more familiar) / Ahora recién me doy cuenta (Darse cuenta = to realize; Realizar = to make)

Saludos Duolingueros =)

Well, isn't that special!

Not sure about being special but is was hard to do.

You're exactly 100 days ahead of me! :)

Congratulations! Bravo!

Congrats! :D I'm at a seven day far.

Congratulation on your accomplishment so far! Learning languages is hard but fun at the same time, we gain knwledge that we never knew we could. We have to use our minds as much as we can!

Congratulations!!! That is a big number.

It takes time to learn a language and some times you need to shake things up and try new ways to learn.

you guys are so awesome!!!

Congratulations! Language is the root of human society. 500 days, that's a little over a year and 4 months! I would have had a streak of almost 300 days by now, but I lost it. Perhaps one day I'll get to 500, of course by then you'd have 952. XD

I've lost my streak several times before.... it is not like I was able to get to 500 in one try. This was very hard for me. I appreciate the encouragement. Thanksl


Q. How to register for the streak hall of fame?


You can register for the days streak hall of fame by posting something at

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Well done. Now you should try to get a longer streak. Always keep setting goals for yourself as that will keep you motivated

Congratulations! I hope one day I can have a streak like yours! :)

dude that is so awesome keep up the good work

congrats! you deserve a lingot for your determination!

Awesome! Keep up the good work!

wow very nice i only have a 150 day streak

150 days is very hard. Nice work!

Haha, I have the grand total of... a 3 day streak!

i like to talk to you guys a lot!

i know, it is very entertaining!

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