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Word of the day

All of the words of the day in different languages:

Spanish: los guantes: gloves

French: l'enquêteur: investigator

German: genau: exactly

Russian: старинный: antique

Polish: odkrywać: to discover, to uncover

Esperanto: rajdi: to ride

Italian: l'opera: work

Portuguese: beber: to drink

Dutch: koken: to cook

Swedish: (ett) förslag: suggestion

Irish: an luch: the mouse

Turkish: gülmek: laughter

Norwegian: løvetannbarn: children who succeed in life despite great odds

Hebrew: לפחות: at least

Arabic: غسل: to wash

Balinese: ngelodang: towards the sea

Chinese: 秋天: autumn

Dari: فشار روانی: stress

Hindi: बीमार पडना: to get sick

Indonesian: sindiran: hint

Japanese: 感謝する: to appreciate

Korean: 물다: to bite

Latin: minimus: smallest, very small

Pashto: یقینا: certainly

Urdu: آکسیجن: oxygen

Please tell me if I got any of these wrong as I would like to correct them as soon as possible if I do get any wrong. Also please comment a word and i will try to translate it into all of the different languages on duolingo and more if possible.

Here is a link for the website I used: http://www.transparent.com/word-of-the-day/

February 26, 2017


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February 26, 2017



February 26, 2017



February 26, 2017
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