"The dog is an animal."

Translation:Ο σκύλος είναι ένα ζώο.

February 26, 2017

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what is the difference between σκύλος and σκύλi? (Ignore the accents, I haven't worked out to do them yet). The first is the translation as above, but the second is shown as the right answer.


I would say that there's no difference between σκύλος and σκυλί. They both translate to dog. If I had to mention a difference in usage, I'd say that some people use σκύλος exclusively for male dogs, while σκυλί could refer to a female dog as well (since the female σκύλα is also used a bit abusively, as a swear word, so people use this one less often when they are refering tot their pets.). But that clearly depends on the person. ^.^


since dog is masculine why isn't it ένας?


Well, because animal in Greek is neuter in gender, not masculine. :P There is no such thing as ζώος.

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