"I have three shorts"

Translation:Nina kaptura tatu

February 26, 2017

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I thought the number must agree with the noun in class. So what is the class of shorts? It is plural I assume so why is there not a plural adj agreement?


Kaptura is a class 9/10 (N) noun, and the general rule of concord for adjectives in this class seems to be that they take no prefix unless:

1) their stem begins with d, g, z, r (which itself changes to d), or a vowel;

2) their stem is monosyllabic; or

3) they refer to animate beings, in which case they take class 1/2 (M-WA) concord.

In cases 1 and 2, and for all other adjectives that don't match the above rules, there will be no distinction between singular and plural anyway.

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