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On the topic of Ads...

I have been using Duolingo for well over a year now and your program has been a godsend. When the ads were introduced into the program I was ok with it. I had even considered paying to be ad free but the ads were not that intrusive so I have dealt with them. Today yet another update has gone through on my android device and once again the way ads work in the program has changed. Prior to the recent update there was a "No Thanks" button on the bottom of the ad. Now this button has been replaced with a "Go Ad Free" button and now in order to close the ad you need to click the X in the corner of the dialogue box. Seriously Duolingo? I thought your initial goal was to keep the ads non-intrusive. Not only is there an Ad after every lesson but now removing the "No Thanks" button adds a whole other level of annoyance. If you want to charge people $2.99 a month to go ad free thats fine. However, making the ads more and more intrusive to the learning process will not get me to pay to remove them. If anything it will make me start looking for an alternative to your program.

February 26, 2017



I have also noticed this with the last update and I hope it is not a permanent change because that was the only cool thing about the ads, the large green button. I hate ads that you can barely get rid of because it's so hard to hit the tiny little x in the corner and you constantly click on the ad accidentally, wasting a lot of your time. Please give us back our green No Thanks button.


I feel like Duo on a phone is an entirely different experience from Duo on a computer.


If anything it will make me start looking for an alternative to your program.

I think that's the only way that will work.

Duolingo seems to be all about numbers -- they're constantly testing little tweak to see how they affect learning.

So if you keep on using Duolingo despite the ads getting more and more annoying, their statistics will tell them, "hey, even with the more annoying ads, people are still using Duolingo -- plus we're making more money!"

On the other hand, if they see people actually quitting Duolingo, then their A/B test will show them "100 people saw the tame ad and 100 people saw the annoying ad; of the first group, 98 people kept using Duolingo but of the second group only 43 did. Better get rid of that annoying ad."

Complaining in forums doesn't show up on their statistics at all, I'll wager.


That what I did, I quit, I uninstalled the app and I also left a bad review on Play Store, but I don't expect them to care about bad reviews. Clearly they don't, since I had already said a while ago in another review that I was going to uninstall if the ads became more intrusive.


This is basically the beta stage of advertising on Duolingo. There will be a ton of a/b tests run. So, it's best if people expect a lot of changes coming and going in how Duolingoers experience advertising and which prices are offered to remove ads for a month.


Like I said I understand that they want to have a paid option and ads and I'm fine with that. I just don't want it to interfere with the learning process of the program. Its seems like a little thing removing the "No Thanks" button and making you have to hit the X but it really had me frustrated with the program this morning during my lesson. I just hope they figure this out and come up with a solution that is less intrusive because as it is right now its starting to look like some of the other Ad riddles Language Apps out there.


I use Adblock plus but then Duolingo itself starts making ads on Duolingo plus. The appearance of inappropriate ads can be a nuisance.


The ads often show games but if I press it, it goes to a totally different website (sometimes).


Just when I started to get used to clicking the X instead of the "No Thanks" button I suddenly got an ad in the old format again today! Are they going to continue alternating like that? Extremely annoying. Also, the cost for me to get rid of the ads is not $2.99 a month but 109 SEK which is a ridiculous $12 a month! No thanks.

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