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"In feudal system, the king or the queen has absolute power."

Translation:Trong hệ thống phong kiến, vua hoặc nữ hoàng có quyền lực tuyệt đối.

February 26, 2017



Then it is not feudal in the sense of the English word.


This is Asian feudalism.


If we are talking about an absolute monarchy, then then the term feudal would be meaningless. On the other hand, China during the Zhou Dynasty could be said to have had a feudal system or Japan during the Kamakura period.


I don't know, but in Vietnamese that is the term for the period when a king rules a country. But it does not resembles monarchy. Modern Vietnam is monarchy, but not feudal.

The term has never been well-defined to students in school, and I've just go to Wikipedia for reference:

From Wikipedia in English: "There is no commonly accepted modern definition of feudalism, at least among scholars."

According to Wikipedia in Vietnamese: Feudalism is a social structure revolving the relationships that is led by owning territories in exchange for work.
The term was originated from the act of giving (phong) territories to relatives, which is similar to giving territories to vassals in Europe, hence the translation. (Feudal is from a Latin word, which means fief, therefore the translation is very close).
The differences between feudalism in Asia and Europe, however, is so large that whether the two terms are the same is still controversial.


Ah, of course. I'm afraid I was trained as a medieval historian, so I sometimes forget that others use a looser meaning of the word.

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