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  5. "Mawingu ya bluu"

"Mawingu ya bluu"

Translation:Blue clouds

February 26, 2017



If the clouds are blue, what colour is the sky?

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If there are blue clouds within your sight then the sky is probably psychedelic - all depends on what you are smoking, I suppose.


The clouds of an approaching thunderstorm can be a range of colours, a deep purply grey, bluish grey, brownish grey or, particularly when it's going to hail, green.

Also, twice I've taken photos of a really noticeable dark blue patch in the clouds when the sky is cloudy.


Shouldn't the colour blue be samawati?


Really interesting! Asante sana kwa kushirikiana nasi! =)

I have found a good explanation here:

The Swahili word for blue is buluu, which is derived directly from English and has been in the language for a relatively short time. For other colors, Swahili uses either rangi ya (the color of ) or a shortened version, -a ___. For example, green is rangi ya kijani or rangi ya majani, which means the color of grass/leaves. Sky blue is rangi ya samawati, or the color of the sky from the Arabic word for sky. (Note: all of these can be written as -a kijani, -a majani, -a samwati, etc.)

From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue%E2%80%93green_distinction_in_language

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