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"They wash the bucket with soap."

Translation:Wanaosha ndoo na sabuni.

February 26, 2017



Why is "wanafua" not accepted here?


Kufua refers to the laundry sense of washing. According to Wiktionary, its definition is:

  1. to beat (against), to launder
  2. to husk
  3. to forge


Additionally, "kuosha" is to wash in the context of dishes or things you might wash in a sink (like in this case, a bucket). More general cleaning is "kusafisha".


Does 'na' have multiple meanings? I've seen it used as 'and' and 'with'.


Yes. Used for both 'and' and 'with'.


Later in the course, with is also translated as ''kwa''. Can you use both or is there a difference between these two?


Prepositions in Swahili are one of the hardest parts of the language. They still feel arbitrary to me after several years. Fortunately, speakers are rather forgiving, and there are not too many cases where using the wrong preposition will lead to an embarrassing mistranslation.

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