"Kwa sababu ya mvua mchezo umeshindikana"

Translation:Because of the rain the game has become difficult

February 26, 2017

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I wrote, because of rain the game has become difficult, and they say the answer is, because of rain thegame has become difficult?! What's the problem with this?!


That's pretty funny.


It's an error due to the missing space (thegame) in the 'correct' answer - just report it as an error.


... still there nine months later!


The tips for the lesson teach about the "-ika" sufix but why is there an extra "-na" tacked on the end of "umeshindikana"?

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    It just happens that a handful of stative verbs are formed by adding the reciprocal ending to the usual stative ending. Three examples are given in the notes, although there is no discussion. The ones I can think of off-hand are: -onekana (seem/be visible), -semekana (be said that), -patikana (be available/obtainable; be found), -wezekana (be possible); -shindikana (be unsuccessful; fail to materialize). There are probably a few more. In these cases, the corresponding -ika/-eka verbs tend to be used infrequently, but may occur. One example: mambo yasiyosemeka - things which are not spoken of (or cannot be spoken of).


    One of the hover hints was "has failed to materialize". That seems more likely here, as in "the game was cancelled".
    Still, I suppose you might carry on playing up to your knees in mud. I wonder how people know which one you meant.

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      Can't find any translation for -shindikana online that means "become difficult". Found: (1) fail(ed); (2) get stopped; (3) be unsuccessful or inconclusive.





      Could someone please break this word down into pieces

      U me shind i ka na It has win not been able??


      Since there is no slow option can the person reading the Swahili text slow down a bit. It is very difficult for those of us unfaniliar with the language to get all the words at the pace this sentence was read. YES I KNOW THE DEVELOPERS DO NOT READ THESE COMMENTS but maybe someone can pass on this request to them.


      " Because of the rain the game --- ;"


      "Due to rain the game --- ."


      I ttook me great trouble to understand the audio. It is spoken very fast and unclear

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