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The Endangered Languages Project

I stumbled across this and thought I'd share. It looks like a cool resource if you're interested in endangered languages.

Just pick a country and then pick a language in that country. If you click on the "resources" tab, you'll find a few lessons on basics in that language (like learning colors in that language, for example).

Have a favorite endangered language? :)


February 26, 2017


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This is cool. I like the rather endangered Iroquoian family of languages, my favorite being Mohawk. I also like the Yi script, which is used by a small people group mostly in China who speak a group of languages also called Yi. Thank you for sharing, I'm sure many others would love to learn a very non-mainstream language.

February 27, 2017


It's a pleasure to share resources--especially when they may be off the beaten path so to speak. :)


This is a wonderful suggestion. If Duolingo made courses for every major language family, they wouldn't have to put forward the necessary resources to do every single specific language of that family. That way, though not ideal obviously, you could at least piggyback the rest of the way to the specific language of the same family that you wanted to speak. I like how your link states the language groupings of each specific language as well.

I know that I use Duolingo mostly for the fun of learning a new language, but for some people, it would be so much more than fun - it could be fundamental to stopping the nearly assured destruction of cultures and peoples. Please consider adding some threatened indigenous peoples languages, Duolingo! I'd contribute to a crowdfunding fundraiser to help you guys get the resources you needed!

PS - yes, I have a favorite endangered language -- anything the San Bushmen speak, like !Xun or N | | ng. Those languages are pretty much as old as any other languages out there, and they're cool. All those crazy clicks and stuff! I don't think they really have written language though...


No, but my favorite dead language is Latin.

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