Translation:It starts

February 27, 2017



In sentences like this, where the subject may be unknown which noun class prefix should be used?

https://www.duolingo.com/profile/John M.

Since "Ki-Vi" is the most common noun class, I would think that you would use that class. Kenyan Kisahili may differ a little because we use a "neutral class" when the subject is unknown. The class is defined as "I-Zi", so "kinaenda" would become "inaenda" (singular) or "zinaenda" (plural).


Both ki/vi and i/zi are used in Tanzania, unless you are talking about people/animals, where a/wa are used.


Normally i/zi would be used for an unknown subject, but it's tricky because if it's an animate unknown, it would be a/wa. In this case, it might be implying kitu (thing), but I'm not sure.


that should be acceptable, even shown as an answer on hover. ki-na-anza is present progressive.


-anza ("to start") is related to -a kwanza ("first"; literally "of the beginning").

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