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" ấy mua trái cây mỗi buổi chiều."

Translation:She buys the fruit every afternoon.

February 27, 2017



This time "the fruit" gives the English a particular meaning, that is, "she buys the same fruit or the same kind of fruit every afternoon." If the correct meaning is that she buys some kind of fruit every day the English should be simply "she buys fruit. "


'Fruit' is an uncountable noun in English. If this sentence refers to fruit in general, then the translation is incorrect. If she buys different fruit every afteroon and we are referring to fruit in general, then the transation is, 'She buys fruit every afternoon'. We would only add the article (the) in a case where specific fruit had already been designated. (Eg. The daily purchase of fresh fruit). Although that may be the case with this sentence, it is not explicitly stated. So, without context we're not sure. Both translations should be accepted.


Can I say " She buys the fruit afternoons?"


No. That's not grammatical in English.


Change the word order to "Afternoons she buys the fruits" and I can imagine a context where someone might say this. (She deals in fruits and vegetables. Mornings she buys the vegetables. Afternoons she buys the fruits.) Generally, though, it is not a common way to say this.

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