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  5. "Péter nem egy rossz ember."

"Péter nem egy rossz ember."

Translation:Péter is not a bad person.

February 27, 2017



Isn't it possible to say "Peter is not a bad guy" in English I think it is not necessary always to use Man, you can change it with "Guy"


Guy is quite a bit more informal than man (or person) is so you probably wouldn't use it in all the same situations.


How would I say "Peter is a btoken man?" (This ysually mean emotionally broken rather than physically.) Thanks!


Ember, like ombre?


Does rossz cognate with rosszul from Basics 1?


rossz = bad, rosszul = badly


Will it be the same meaning if I say "Péter nem egy rossz férfi"?


not really, we don't say that.. some options you have: "Péter nem egy rossz ember" - Peter's not a bad man/person "Péter nem egy rossz srác" - Peter's not a bad guy (inf., referring more like to his personality, or maybe even his looks) "Péter nem egy rossz pasi" - means he doesn't look bad (not just as in "i wouldnt carve my eyes out if i saw him", but more like as in "he looks quite decent".. because hungarians are fckin negative, the language too, so we express lots of things in a negative form, while english uses a positive form)


During my exchange in Budapest I learned that the word "ember" may be used for "guy" aswell, not only for "man"..


More "person" rather than "guy" as "guy" is an informal word while "ember" is not.


What about just "Péter nem rossz ember"?


That sounds like "Peter is a not-bad person"


Well I do believe it sounds better without "egy". With "egy", it can sound quite pretentious/sarcastic/phflegmatic/whatever this is: "well he doesn't quite happen to be a bad man, does he. I can't exactly call him one..."

At the end of the day, you don't want to emphasize he is one person, do you. You want to emphasize he isn't bad and only that.


Papa from Stranger Things egy rossz ember.

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