Cantonese Exercise 10.3: ✎ Vocab: Places and Transport ✎

Knowledge testing time...

For this exercise, you will ONLY be able to use translations (words) from previous lessons (not exercises). This will hopefully test your ability to structure a sentence. Note that I have intentionally made the exercise more challenging.

For your convenience, the Cantonese Directory Page is here

Translate the following into Traditional Chinese/Cantonese:

  • Why do you need to go to the hospital?

  • Are there any large animals in the Phillipines?

  • We like to go to the church, but he likes to go to the park.

  • The bus is large; however there are not many people on it. (Hint: rearrange `Is there...' from a previous lesson onto a sentence. Also, you can translate 'it' to 'the bus'.)

  • Does this road go to San Francisco? (Leave the place out when translating)

Good luck!

February 27, 2017


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