"Os especialistas falam com o rei."

Translation:The experts speak with the king.

February 23, 2013

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Why isn't it "as especialistas"? How can you mix masculine os with feminine especialistas?


It's not mixed. It is masculine indeed. In general, words ending with "a" are feminine, but that's not an absolute rule. And here is one exception.

This word actually doesn't change whether it's masculine of feminine.


Does the verb falar mean both 'to speak' and 'to talk'? I didn't try using 'The experts talk to the king'.



  • to speak = falar
  • to talk = falar, conversar


Os especialistas falam com o rei-The specialists speak with the king. or Os especialistas falam como rei-The specialists speak like king. Hard to differentiate.


Not really. If it's the former you'd be able to tell because of the nasal sound in the word "com". There is no nasal sound in the word "como".


Grrrr....'cause of the weird phrases Duo uses, I thought they were talking to a lion! Pop goes another heart.


what is the difference between a specialist and an expert


A specialist specializes in a field of study (e.g. an ear doctor can also be called an ear specialist, given context) , an expert has a high degree of knowledge about their field. In other words, there are a number of specialists out there but very few can be called experts. Only the best of the best are called experts. Hope that helps!


Why is it that 'talk with the king' wrong

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