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  5. "Kiedy byłeś w teatrze?"

"Kiedy byłeś w teatrze?"

Translation:When were you in a theater?

February 27, 2017



'when did you go to the theatre' ?? or would this be considered too vague?


On the one hand, really close, but on the other, it's not the same. "being" in the theatre vs "going" to the theatre... you know that we tend to keep close to the original.


I wrote "Kiedy byłeś w teatrze?" and it was marked as wrong? Why? Sadly there is neither a comment nor a "My answer should be correct" option in the "Report a problem" anymore. Why? So I have to ask here...


I've seen once that there is no comment option, but "My answer should be correct" is the most basic report option... and I'm pretty sure I've seen it. I don't know what they're changing, but I hope they will figure it soon.

"Kiedy byłeś w teatrze?" is a starred option, the basic one to the PL->ENG exercise...


Thank you for your answer. I have not seen the comment option in the last few days after my updates anymore and also there are fewer options than before. Maybe it is temporarily, because the keyboard shortcuts also only working partially and this seems to be accidentially happened. I also hope they will figure it soon.

This problem appeared twice and I have made screenshots of it. Interestingly the third time the same answer was accepted as correct. I compared the screenshots with the accepted answer and couldn't find any difference between them.

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