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"The children eat their vegetables."

Translation:Les enfants mangent leurs légumes.

February 23, 2013



Duo lingo making me sweat out these possessives. But neurons are connecting slowly but surely! :) Repetition is the key.


I find it helps when I try to learn it the same way I would normal native words. Maybe it's easier for the brain to process it.


Ses is the plural form of his or her. So you'd say 'ses' if he/she had multiple children. The key is that it isn't just plural children, it's plural people that have them.


Oh, this makes sense. I'd been wondering what the difference between "leur" and "leurs" was.


What good little children


At first I put "leurs", but I was wondering how come "ses" cannot be used in this sentence


Isn't "ses" a plural form?


I believe that "ses" is the plural form with respect to the object while "leur" and "leurs" are the plural forms with respect to the subject.


DuoLingo is helping me so much with les vs. des, and leur/leurs vs. ses. For some reason just looking at it a different way helps it click in my mind


Why not "Les enfants mangent leur legumes"?


Now I'm also confused, but let mi explain first your mistake, leur have to agree with légume, if you want to write légume plural( légumes ) your possessive have to agree so leur(s) légume(s) .


I made a reply on my own post because I think there are 2 possible answers : Les enfants mangent leurs légumes is the right answer here, I think Les enfants mangent leur légume. is exceptable too in French, "leur" match the thing being owned "légume. I'm wondering


You need the plural as they are not eating a vegetable - singular, but vegetables plural therefore the plural possessive leurs is required here.


Why would it not be "Les enfants mangent leurs des legumes"? Merci.

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