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Good morning,

I would like to talk about some new ideas that might improve Duolingo experience for all its users. I'll mention some suggestions regarding new modes for more ways of learning. Also, more entertaining and motivational tools that help learners stay always encouraged.

  1. New modes ideas (Placed next to discussion button) :

A. Adventure: You'll have to finish two sections. The first one combines listening and speaking skills simultaneously. The second one combines reading and writing skills in the same time. In the first phase, you have to listen carefully for a one minute talk, then reflect upon that by giving your opinion by speaking whatever long you’d like. After that, some multiple choice questions would appear that see how well you understood the played audio.

While in the second phase, an article would be given to you. You have to read it and understand it in order to write another article that opposite it critically. In addition, MCQ would appear after that; that tells you how well your reading comprehension was. All users can evaluate each other’s performance and grade it.

B. Hometown: This is a simulated 3D virtual environment that let Duolingo users interact with each other and communicate from any part of the world. They can choose a character and edit its physical appearance. Can play exclusive games about Duolingo languages in a way that is unique and fun. If this is not created digitally, then it can be digitally mixed with ordinary reality. For example, i can use the app to see and track all the other people in my city or nearby location who use Duolingo app, too. Therefore, people can go to specific places to collect Duos. For example, the camera of the smart phone can identify objects and i have to write their names in a certain language. Therefore, people would go out together and have fun playing and learning in the same time in the real world.

C. Cinema: This about videos that certified Duolingo teachers can upload on Youtube exclusively for Duolingo. That would be about making the users better learners in a cinematic taste of studying experience with a sense of humor and fun. Otherwise, this feature could be added in the Hometown feature. So that people in that game can visit the cinema to watch new Duolingo lessons whether digitally or physically, or even mixed between the two.

D. Story: Letting users have the ability to create a room and become a host of it. Also, can control many options such as maximum number of people can enter, minimum level required for each one to join, and things like that. The purpose of this is to make each user able to write a short paragraph of a story from his own creation. Then, the other user would continue writing the story based on the last scenario that where the previous story's scene stopped. Then, the third user would continue writing the story. When they finish, the other users can correct and edit their use of grammar, vocabulary, or suggest a better way to phrase the sentence in general. This sounds similar to what was in the translation mode before it was removed.

Another way to think about this, is making all the lessons based on a story written. Therefore, people can get sense when they learn new words. Because all of the sentences would be connected together in one narrative which is hard to forget. Otherwise, each topic of lessons should have its own story. For example, the travel story, the home story, or the spiritual story. But if all the topics are connected as one story, then the “Home” button should be changed “Story”

E: Radio: People can listen to exclusive Duolingo fifteen minutes audios recorded about general dialogs and conversations. Consequently, people would get the chance to improve their listening skills on Duolingo much better. People can change the topics as the same as when they can change the radio stations. There can be songs and people can follow Duo jumping from a sentence to another while the singer is singing. So that people can listen to the song and keeping track of the lyrics simultaneously.

F: Studio: This is free creative platform for all Duolingo users that let them share their talents and expertise with others. For example, they can upload a song, lesson from their own creation. They can do anything that is related to learning a new language. In addition, they might even want to create a program or a game that somehow add to the language knowledge positively. People can express themselves by writing a poem in a language that they’re currently learning on Duolingo for instance. Write a transcript for stand up comedy conversation, or whatever. So that give the chance for programmers and artists to contribute for Duolingo community in a fantastic way.

G. Exam: People can design quizzes and exams in infinite number of ways that is exclusive to Duolingo’s original learning contents.

H. Coffee: People can have a live chat experience from anyone around the world. This is an instant messaging experience. That would strengthen the connection of Duolingo’s community members more.

I. Co-op: Now two friends can agree with each other to play and learn in this dual learning experience. Both of them can talk with each other by microphone and even see each other in the camera while using Duolingo’s learning platform in the same time. Co-learning would be great. So that two persons become like a team.

  1. New gamification tools:

A. Stickers: Now users can receive stickers as new badges received for accomplishing certain quality of achievement.

B. Profile background: Everyone can choose their own unique background pictures if they unlock it by reaching certain number of points.

C. Profile picture: To unlock this, the user must obtain certain stickers. Then, he can use special pictures about different kinds of Duolingo birds and creatures.

D. 3D character: Duo appears in a three-dimensional shape. Whether he is wearing the formal suit or the luxurious one. I suggest adding more suits, it’s fun!

E. Home tree dynamic background: Instead of learning from the top to the bottom, i suggest letting users learn in the opposite way. Which is from down to up. That way, a background of a huge tree would be the journey that everyone has to take in order to reach the top of the tree. They will start from the roots of the tree. With each lesson they complete, they would move in a non-linear way to the next station. Which is also a depiction of the tree’s at some stage. But the things inside the picture should be all moving like a live environment of natural forest and there is the tree in the center.

F. Extra virtual store items: People should make a better use of the Lingots they receive. For example, it might be a great idea if there are more items to buy or adds-on that makes the learning experience for all users more enjoyable and fun.

G. Guider: This is Duo becoming a guider to us in our learning experience. He can tell us to do some rewarding tasks such as completing timed Spanish practice without any mistakes. Then, if we do successfully, we would either get Lingots or other prizes. Stickers maybe for instance. Those tasks should be daily, monthly, and yearly that we have to complete. Therefore, this would combine the short and long term planning for the users and expand their learning vision. This guide is like a coach for us who always keep us more motivated.

  1. New ways to learn

A. True of false questions. B. Fill in the space questions. C. Matching questions. D. Multiple choice questions. E. Guess the word questions: This is a brainstorming before starting to any exercise. i.e Guess the word: "S…H… … L”. Well, It’s “school” There should be hints, too. So that it gives one letter to help the user knowing the word. F. Grammar and Vocabulary categorization questions: This is meant to ask the user on which grammatical law this word follows such as past perfect, present, or past. After that, the user can choose to put the same word into the right vocabulary category. For example, business, food, or family. But this seems very easier than grammatical one.

Other suggestions:

Adding the Chinese language for English speakers. Adding sound effects when clicking on lesson buttons. For example, Duo’s beautiful voice.

That is how i see Duolingo might improve.

Please write what do you think of those ideas and what is your own point of view for how you see Duolingo might get better for all of us?

Thank you for your reading.

1 year ago

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Interesting ideas, thanks.

1 year ago
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Of the New Modes idea, F and G seem like the best and most plausible to me, are they to come.

Some of your ideas are already present, btw. Such as multiple choice questions, guess the word questions, filling in the space, etc.

Nonetheless certainly interesting to read through.

1 year ago
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