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How is it possible the Romanian course is still in BETA?

I've read a topic from '3 years ago' with the announcement that Romanian has entered beta. I really want to learn the language but i can only do this on mobile for reasons.

Can someone from the product team enlighten me to why this takes so much time and when we might see Romanian getting out of beta?

Thanks and kind regards from The Netherlands :)

February 27, 2017



Romanian was just released a couple weeks ago (into beta). It wasn't a thing 3 years ago.


Oh I feel kinda dumb now.. I doublechecked and noticed I was reading a topic about the 'English for Romanian' course. Sorry for the trouble.. Would still like to see it on mobile soon though ;)


Q. How to install a natural language in Duolingo as a web application on your mobile device?


You can (I think very good) use Romanian on the mobile.

In your Chrome app on your mobile device: open Duolingo, open Romanian, goto Chrome settings (the 3 vertical dots ...), then choose 'Add to home screen'. Then you have a browser version on your mobile. A bit more typing but doable and also more possibilities than the app version.


I think this only works for Android, not iPhone. I didn't know though that the website actually functions on mobile as well, guess i'll just use this. Thanks a bunch!


In Safari app you can add to the home screen (But not in Chrome app):

Q. How to add in the Safari browser app on Apple (iPhone, tablet) to the 'Home screen'?

In your Safari app on your mobile Apple device:

1) Open Duolingo (type http://www.duolingo.com in the address bar)

2) Open Romanian

3) Tap the 'Share' icon on the browser's toolbar (that is the rectangle with an arrow pointing upward)

4) Tap 'Add to home screen'

5) Give it a name you like, e.g. 'Duolingo web'

6) Tap 'Add'

7) You will now have a web version of Duolingo on your Apple device


You know what's funny? Thanks to me trying this just now i've got Romanian open in the actual mobile app on iPhone.. This is definitely a bug but for now it seems to work haha.

So, this is how i got Romanian working in the app:

1) Try to log in on Duolingo website in Safari

2) After logging in, Safari automatically opens up the Duolingo app (because why not??)

3) Romanian shows for a short moment before a modal overlay window suggests different languages to learn because Romanian isn't ready yet.

4) Swipe down (as if you would when trying to refresh a page) a couple of times until Duolingo stops freaking out.

5) Popup modal overlay should've disappeared and you are free to learn Romanian on mobile app!

Sidenote: I haven't taken the time to fully test it yet, might force me out again later.. :)


1) Try to log in on Duolingo website in Safari

What exactly do you type there?


Thanks to me trying this just now i've got Romanian open in the actual mobile app on iPhone

And are you really sure you are indeed inside the app, and not inside the web version?

Because I can not reproduce this.


Yes, just logging in on homepage of Duolingo makes it open app automatically. Was frustrated at first because i just wanted the webversion.


Are you typing http://www.duolingo.com in the Safari address bar??

If yes it must go to the web site I would say and not to the app.


Yes, although for me it changes to the localized version:


Well.. might just be Apple trying to be 'user-friendly'


Right, probably something to do with that. Because in the English language, which I use, that does not happen.

If I try to open the Duolingo 'app' it will show 'Unsupported language: The language pair you are currently learning 'Romanian' from 'English' is not yet supported on mobile' and I am offered a list of other languages to choose from.


Let me (quickly, given this test does not take too much time) try to change the settings to that other language.


No, also in that other language it does not work and I get the message that Romanian from English is not supported.

So I can not reproduce it.

Anyhow if it works, that is great.


Hmmm interesting.. The only thing i can think of is maybe you don't have the latest version of iOS, Safari, or Duolingo? Since all are updated for me. Otherwise might have to do with you having logged on in Duolingo in Safari before and you still have cookies/cache active that doesn't make it open the app automatically.

So if you really want to reproduce it you can try to clear cache/cookies and see if you have the latest versions of everything.


No I did not work for a while on my iPhone. So I have to update when my battery is high enough again. But anyhow the method was thus not immediately and for everybody applicable.


Let me check on my iPhone...

No, not out of the box possible on iPhone. Thus you have to bookmark it in your Chrome browser on your iPhone equivalently.


Wow, didn't know that. I just tried and it works perfectly. Android, yes. Thanks!


Yes, nice to have Romanian also.


Is there an estimate of when Romanian will be released from beta?

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