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  5. "The dogs are mammals."

"The dogs are mammals."

Translation:Οι σκύλοι είναι θηλαστικά.

February 27, 2017



I feel like I've heard dog as ο σκύλος / οι σκύλοι and το σκύλο / τα σκύλα


Oh, no. ο σκύλος (singular)/οι σκύλοι (plural) is correct, but there is no such thing like το σκύλο and τα σκύλα. There is το σκυλί/τα σκυλιά (basically the same as ο σκύλος/οι σκύλοι, but some people use this one to include female dogs as well, since ο σκύλος is masculine.). There is also η σκύλα/οι σκύλες, just for female dogs. ^.^


If I use the adjective θηλαστικοί it's wrong, why?


I have the same question, but this link doesn't work, at least from the android app...


The link does work for me. But, just to make your life a bit easier (and also because sometimes, the links are a bit buggy on the app), the word θηλαστικά is neuter plural, and it refers to the word animal that's also neuter. It's implied, but that's how this one works. ^.^

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