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Ninos or Ninas?

If I am referring to children, a mix of both boys and girls - would I refer to them as los ninos or las ninas?

June 21, 2012



Because of the old Latin cultural/linguistic standard of the male gender as the "dominant" gender, a mixed group of the male and female forms of any noun is always referred to as a group of males. So in this case, it would be los niños.


In a nutshell 99 girls = las niñas. 99 girls and 1 (or more) boy(s) = los niños.


Ejemplos: 1 niña + 1 niña = 2 niñas... 2 niñas + 1 niño = 3 niños... 1 perro + 1 perra = 2 perros... and so on...


you would refer to the group of mixed gender of children as Los niños. If there was to be a group of only boys it would still be Los niños. You only use Las niñas when you know that the group are all girls. If the group contained 29 girls and 1 boy you would still refer to the group as Los niños. Hope this has helped


ninos... same with a few other words, masculine nouns are always considered to be mixed groups as well as all men or boys.

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