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Suggestion: Easter Egg item in Lingot store

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Easter is coming and some people (like ayeletwhite for example - see https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2109073) can't practice within this time. So I would like to suggest a new Lingot Store item, that will be called "Easter Egg" or something like this - it would be a streak freeze lasting 4 days (17-20 April). Its price could be 20-25 lingots. It would be a great Easter present from the Duolingo Team for the users.

4 years ago


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Maybe a Spring Break item.... That way it would be "kosher" for all users.

4 years ago


Or they could do this thing that when its your birthday, they could give you like 1000 xp and 100 lingots?? I don't know...

2 years ago


I think it would be more helpful if users could decide which dates this could be used for e.g. i will have the same issue with Shavuot (June), Sukkot (October), and Rosh Hashanah (September). This could also help with people going on holidays without internet access.

4 years ago