Lesson [Sha-na-yam] Writing System and Corruption

Barawak Ahch wa Ahchwath - Welcome brothers and Sisters

Throughout this lesson I will be showing you how to use the Modern day Assyrian script with my people’s language as it is used more in today’s society but I will also give you a glimpse of the Paleo script as well. So you can see both sides of the old and new. Like I said in the last lesson when you use the characters you read and write from right to left but with the sounds left to right. With that out the way let’s get into some of the history.


Chapter-2 Who corrupted the language and what did they change?

So in today’s lesson I will be pointing out the many changes to the Original Hebrew and What Nations are responsible for those changes(will be {}). You are also going to find out what today’s most common Hebrew actual is. I will be stating some of this info from The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler etc... So with that said let’s begin \

During the persecutions of people those who were exiled into Babylon eventually started using what is called the Assyrian script a.k.a (Ezra script), while those who remained in the land of Judea continued to use the Phoenician script. This is how the Assyrian script came into use, the Israelites Had to adapt to their surroundings. Arthur Koestler proved that the {Ashkenazi Jewish} factions of Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Germany were not descendants of the true biblical Israelites; but were the descendants of the Khazarian converts of the {Khazarian Empire} (7th – 10th century AD). So when they moved into our lands they brought the language known today as Yiddish which has many combination of Hebrew, German, Latin, Cyrillic, and Coptic tongues etcc… The only thing Hebrew about the language of the so-called Jewish people in Israel is the characters of the Hebrew alphabet. The language itself can be considered to have nothing to do with the true language of the Hebrews.

"The ancient Hebrew text consisted only of consonants, since the Hebrew alphabet had no written vowels. Vowel sings were invented by the Jewish Masoretic scholars in the sixth century and later." Zondervan bible gives the information of how the Masoretes injected the vowel points, I will show you the information on why the Masoretes chose to do so. You will find out that before the Jewish people resurfaced as the Masoretes (during the same time of the Khazar Empire), they were already established in as the{Greeks}.

When the Greeks received the ancient Phoenician language in the 9th century B.C., they added the influence of vowels on the Phoenician tongue (this was even before the Masoretes of the 6th century; this method resurged during the time of the Masoretes to show you the connection between the Greeks and the modern day Jewish nation). Greeks took their language which descended from Latin, Cyrillic, and Coptic and started intermingling their language with the Phoenician/Hebrew language. For example, AH is switch to Alpha, BA is switched to Beta, GA is switched to Gamma, KA is switched to Kappa, so on and so forth. Does this look familiar?

The Phoenician combined with the Greek is very similar to the Yiddish or the modern-day Hebrew that is used widely today and is accepted as the official language of Hebrew. Here is the correlation, the original AH to the Greek modification Alpha into the Yiddish pronunciation of Aleph; BA was changed to Beta and in Yiddish became Bet; GA was switched to Gamma into Gimel, KA was switched to Kappa into Kap, and so on and so forth. You can do the rest of the comparisons on your own time

Now that Chapter-2 is over take a look at the characters below


! [ ] (

• א - Ah

• ב – Ba

• ג – Ga

• ד – Da

• ה - Ha

• ו - Ya

• ז - Za

• ח-Chaa

• ט-Ta

• י - Ya

• כ - Ka

• ל - La

• מ - Ma

• נ - Na

• ס - Sa

• ע - I

• פ - Pa

• צ - Taza

• ק - Qa

• ר - Ra

• ש – Sha

• ת - Tha

 >When it comes to all the [finals] you use them as a as endings for a word instead of reusing the original character like this

Example: (Grace)Chaan- ןח / (Heaven)Shamayam- םימש / (Need)Tazarak- ךרצ / (Silver)Kasap- ףסכ / (Summer)Qayataza- ץיק

Here is a DON’T when your writing out the sound of the word instead of the characters do not add a extra A to the last sound of the word are it will be Incorrect. You always want to live out the extra A but this is not the case for every word you use. Like Taza, the word stays the same if it was at the end of a word not Taz or like the word Ahba for father it does not turn into Ahb. I hope you see what I mean.

Correct: (Embrace) Chaabag Incorrect: Chaabaga Correct: (Faith) Ahmawan Incorrect: Ahmawana

When it comes to the I in this language if it is at the end of a word it replace the A of any all Constant’s

Correct: (Victory) Hawashi Incorrect: Hawashai


Correct: (Sky) Raqayi Incorrect: Raqayai

Vocabulary of the Day*

Here is a list of verb in the Assyrian script with the meaning but it’s up to you figure out the pronunciation when don’t post them in order in the comment section below. You will get 5 lingots when correct. {if you want me to just give the pronunciation instead of this let me know}

  1. To Speak –רבד- ? /
  2. To Eat – אכל - ? /
  3. To Understand – ןיב - ? /
  4. To Go – ךלי -? /
  5. To Read – רק- ? /
  6. To Want – אצר-? /
  7. To Drink – התש-? /
  8. To think - בסח - ? /
  9. To order – ךרע- ? /
  10. To Listen – עמש- ? /

Ancient Paleo Hebrew is an SVO language meaning Subject+Verb+Object. The verb comes after the subject and before the object.

If you guys want me to make a post about the real biblical Israelites’s out of curiosity I might make it separate from the lesson

Got more questions about my peoples language or history don’t be shy go ahead and ask.

I might post a Vocabulary of 10 words in the Assyrian script with the meaning but it’s up to you to sound out the pronunciation and post on the discussion and if you get it right you’ll get 5 lingots, Sounds fun?

And now your just a little bit more aware about my people and their

Lashawan Qadash (Holy Tongue)

See you later ( Natharaah Baqarawab )

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Okay so I totally didn't read this because I don't want to learn Hebrew but I have a question. Do you believe in the christian God and why? I am doing a personal study on The Meaning of Life.

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I do believe in God and the bible but i do not follow in christianaty for many reason but imma give you two main reason so i don't go in dept. 1. I don't follow in christianty because it teaches you lies, they tell people what they want to here that no matter what you do god will still love and accept including jesus christ but that is not what the bible says at all. Here what a pastor does in church, He reads a scripture then goes into a whole opinion or claim without backing up what he's saying with another scripture prove it's true sometimes they usual go completely off topic to some non-sense 2. Christianaty is responsible for the slaugther and Obliviousness of my people and their identity , The relgion has more blood on it hands than any other reglion in the world and in case you don't know kkk is a christianaty organization. The churches and kkk back in the day would get together and murder millions of my people, and still to this day most of my people follow in christianaty blindly. So how can a reglion thats so-say going to save people and loved by almost the world be respondsible for countless death be a good relgion ?

idk if this answers your question but i hope it was helpful and keep in mind this is from my prospective not tryna bash or anything, how is your personal study going i surpose?

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I can not belive what I am about to say but I kinda agree with OneCrazywriter I did not read it but i am sure it must be cool! and why are you doing personal study on the meaning of life?

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