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What's your opinion on Swahili?

What's your opinion on Swahili?

February 27, 2017



It seems cool and interesting so far, but also a bit difficult


Here's the thing... (this is my first time Duolingo experience BTW) If I was completely new to Swahili, I would be completely lost. I'm not sure if the structure and the way some of the things are presented are good for complete beginner. It confuses ME and I lived in Tanzania for 2 years combined (I know I know, my Swahili should be WAY better :-) ). I'm really glad I have some basic fundation of the language and understanding of the word structure because it would be hell for me.

Also from personal experience, Swahili is fairly easy to SPEAK if you build the vocabulary but quite difficult to UNDERSTAND. Tell me any more complicated or longer sentence and I'm lost :-/


Yeah I've only done one lesson so far.


oh, cool! Thanks for contributing!


Oh bummer it looks like your table of contents go deleted. :-{


I like it, but I have trouble remembering the words!

It doesn't seem superbly difficult in terms of grammar and everything so far, it's just the words are very different!


I like it. I got through the first to check points in the first two days of it being out. But I think for now I'm going to wait for it to be released on the app before I continue with it.


There are quite indeed some tricky words that are easy to mess up. But the course it's pretty good you can see that contributors worked very hard.


Easily prettier than French.


its pretty awesome, I really like learning it


I love it but the grammer for Numbers gets confusing


Wow! I didn't think anyone else would find this!

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