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  5. "Моя відповідь - "ні"."

"Моя відповідь - "ні"."

Translation:My answer is "no".

February 27, 2017



I did not write quotation marks and my answer was not accepted. It is very strange. I reported it.


May 21, 2020: It looks like Jirka.1 wrote a comment about this three years ago and this is still not addressed by any contributor. Can someone who has access to this course please send a request in to have this changed? This is the second time in the Ukrainian course that quotation marks have been used in the course's expected answer, and it seems to override anyone's correct answer who is not using them, or doesn't even know to use them in the answer. This is especially confusing in a verbal exercise where we are typing what we hear.

This is my exact answer, marked wrong by the course:

Моя відповідь - ні.

The course expects me to write: Моя відповідь - "ні".

I know Duolingo does its best to maintain a lot of the program, but I think three years is a bit long to have this go on for in the Ukrainian course. I will report this as "My answer should be accepted", and will also send this to Support.


September 20, 2020: Still the same issue. Reported as "My answer should be accepted." - because I had the answer, just not the quotation marks.

Quotation marks seem to override everything if they're part of the exercise's expected answer.


yes this is the only time punctuation has been taken into account to give a 'wrong' answer. Inconsistent


This isn't the only time. Remember this one:

In business there is no "maybe".

That exercise caused a lot of grief for learners too, trying to get through the exercise as complete with their correct answers only to find that it will not allow a correct unless quotation marks are around the word "maybe". A contributor seemed to have a lot of difficulty getting the other answers to be accepted, but it seems these answers encrypted with quotation marks are the issue.


There is no option to report "my answer should be accepted", which I guess is the reason this is still not corrected.


I also left out the quotes and my answer was considered wrong.


i agree with the comments below regarding the fussiness about quotation marks.

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