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  5. "Mchana mwema Rashidi"

"Mchana mwema Rashidi"

Translation:Have a good afternoon Rashidi

February 27, 2017



why is "good afternoon" accepted most of the time but not in this case?


I'm assuming that's just an accidental oversight -- good afternoon should be a fine translation.


I wonder if there is a difference to be made here between encountering and leaving somebody. In English, "good afternoon" is usually used when you meet somebody, and "have a good afternoon" when you take your leave from the person. I am assuming that this form in Swahili is mostly used to say bye (in the afternoon), not to say hi, but if so, I would like this to be clearly explained somewhere...


I believe not. I think this is just an oversight, as stated by Drasher.


To my knowledge it is more common for greetings; when leaving other forms are more common. Any mother tongue speaker take? That would be great!! :)


When to use "njema" and when to use "mwema" ?


"Mwema" goes with "mchana" and "usiku" "Njema" with "asubuhi" "jioni" and "siku"


Would someone be able to explain when to use mwema or njema please

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