"O espectador dorme."

Translation:The spectator sleeps.

February 23, 2013

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But, while he is asleep, can he accurately be described as a spectator?


He's spectating his own dreams.

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He must be watching a US Major League Soccer game.


I'll admit, that made me LOL


So is he spectating something in his dream or did he fall asleep while the TV was on? :-)


Im curious if it could be translated as "The watcher sleeps." Duo didn't like "the watcher" but i feel like a spectator and watcher are similar enough.


Why not "audience", it was given earlier as a simile?


Because "o espectador" is a singular thing and "audience" implies a crowd (unless we are being facetious). It could be, "audience member" or "member of the audience" but that still implies there is a crowd around the, "espectador" and not that he is alone (and, I doubt either of those are accepted by the limited Duo computer).


Is espectador like "overseer"?


No. That would be "supervisor".

Espectador is the one who watches a show. It's not a job. If you go to the theater, then you are a "espectador".

If you watch television, you are a telespectador.


you're possibly thinking of inspector (a more distant cognate) rather then spectator (audience member; one who sees an event or show or happening. Not one who inspects / looks into / looks over).


Why is the ' the onlooker sleeps' wrong?


Can you say 'fan' instead of 'spectator'?


A spectator is just someone watching something (usually a performance of some kind). While you might assume he's a fan of the thing he/she's watching, that's not the characteristic being highlighted by the noun.


Also you can be a fan without watching anything.

But for sure, those watching fireworks are spectators.

However, I believe this espectador word could (or should) also translate to audience member and viewer.


That makes sense.

My question comes because 'spectator' isn't a word that is commonly used in the midwestern united states. So while spectator is correct, it sounds awkward to me. I've never heard spectator used outside of references to sports. I would refer to an audience or a crowd of people at a concert or show, but I would never call them spectators.


Sure - you can always replace spectaror with the words that make more sense in your mind; what's important is establishing semantic connections between the two languages.


Viewer might be a better word.


We do speak of spectator sports (sports that people watch, as opposed to sports people play without an audience). Though these days, I guess even snowshoeing or ice fishing could be spectator sports, thanks to the omnipresence of the internet. But there was a time when only some sports were. ; )


Probably not a fan in this case as he is sleeping .


In this same lesson, it said espectador is also audience as an alternative answer. This time, when I wrote audience, I was told I was wrong. I really wish someone would streamline or verify these answers.,

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