En ou le?

Are these equivalent:
J'en ai lu.
Je l'ai lu.
If not, when exactly to use each?

February 27, 2017

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Le (it/him), La (it/her) and L' (it/him/her) are Les (them) = Direct Object Pronouns (COD). They are used to replace the noun. For example:

John lit le livre >> John le lit (use le because livre is masculine). It makes sense to use when you know what noun is being replaced.

As-tu lu la lettre? Oui, je l'ai lu

The pronoun 'en' has many uses including the expression of quantity

Elle a trop de livres (she has too many books) >> Elle en a trop (she has too many of them) Elle a dix livres (she has ten books) >> Elle en a dix (she has ten of them) J’ai quelques livres (I have several/a few books >> J’en ai quelques-uns.

Are you trying to say that you have read the book? If you are trying to say you have read a lot of books you could say << Des livres, j'en ai lu beaucoup >>

Good explanation of COD:

And for the preposition 'en', I recommend:

COD and Propositions are not equivalent as they are used for different purposes. If you need further links let me know.

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