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  5. "Újságokra ülünk az erdőben."

"Újságokra ülünk az erdőben."

Translation:We sit on newspapers in the forest.

February 27, 2017



Perhaps we "sit down onto" newspapers but NEVER "sit onto"


Or, "we sit on newspapers." I agree, one never "sits onto" anything.


Could someone explain the grammatical reasoning behind this? To me "sit onto" sounds a bit convoluted but grammatically correct. English is not my first language though, so I would be interested in getting to the bottom of this.


------ definitely convoluted, i.e., similar to sitting upon a tuffet eating one's curds and whey, sitting onto a tractor brought back a feeling of returning to my agrarian roots, i suppose if i sat onto a horse it would get me back even further into my indigenous past . . .

Big 10 apr 20


Why not "we are sitting"? So far I have always seen the same tense used to express both the simple present and the present continuous in English.


I think this far they didn't do the work to include both good answers.


Because it is the proper way


--------- what is the "it " you're referring to ? . . .

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