"You are all Chinese."

Translation:Ninyi ni wachina.

February 27, 2017

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Wote was not introduced in any previous lesson, so I am confused why it is suddenly appearing here. It is annoying to think that you learned the correct sentence, only to have a new word sprung on you.


wote means all. Ninyi wote is All of you.


I think the problem isn't that it was suddenly introduced, but that it was suddenly introduced in this "all that are correct" lesson. If it had appeared in one of the matching sections first I would have been less upset at what feels like a random loss. I would have been doubly offended if I had been doing a time trial.


This is how you learn tho


I have a friend who speaks Swahili and she told me "you all" is Nyinyi


I'm guessing "Nyinyi" is like "you all" or "y'all" from southern american english, meaning "you (plural)", whereas "all of you" is "Nyinyi wote".


That's precisely it.


I am not understanding why wote is in this sentence. It's like "You all all are Chinese." Why?


Ninyi is like saying you (plural). Ninyi wote specifies that it is not just more than one of you, but the entire group.


why the wote in this?


As I found "wote" means "all". So, "Ninyi wote ni wachina" literally means "You are all chinese". And "Ninyi ni wachina" literally means "You are chinese" but in English there is no difference between plural and singular "You are chinese" unlike swahili, that's why "Ninyi ni wachina" can be translated "You are all chinese"


Is the audio for Swahili disable because it is still in beta?


It is not so much disabled as nonexistent. I saw a link in another discussion to the incubator page. It will come when it is out of beta. I'm really curious which area is taken as the yardstick in this course, as there are quite substantial differences.


The correct one should be "Ninyi Nyote ni Wachina" because 'n' has to be fixed in agreement with the pronoun 'ninyi'

The alternative one is "Ninyi Wote ni Wachina." because adjectives for M/WA Noun class i.e. people takes 'w' and remember Chinese are people i.e. watu (w)ote.

All of you is the same as You are all. Where we can make another meaning as follows:

You are all Chinese = Ninyi ni wachina tupu where tupu in this context means no other nationality but Chinese only.

If you reject my suggestion that You are all is the same as all of you then remember to explain each and every word to a foreigner before coming with a general translation/omission.

You are all rich = Ninyi ni matajiri watupu.

You are all poor = Ninyi ni maskini watupu

Here an adjective watupu takes 'w' because it tells more about people (rich and poor) although the noun matajiri takes 'ma; in plural but still refers to people.


"You are all Chinese" can also be translated as Ninyi ni wachina watupu)

Wanawake watupu walihudhuria = women only attended.


I thought "Ninyi" was plural "you." So is "you all" implied? If so, then "Ninyi ni Wachina" can be translated "You all are Chinese." Yes?


Why is this wrong though? I don't understand. Wasn't that what was right before?


When asking such questions please include "this" as we cannot see your answer. :)


I picked the correct answer so why is it wrong?????


How about "ninyi wote wachina"


so funny how kaka is brother in swahili but poop in spanish and small cake in small cake in some other countries lel

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