"The mouse is a pet."

Translation:Το ποντίκι είναι κατοικίδιο.

February 28, 2017

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Why is Το ποντίκι είναι ένα κατοικίδιο incorrect?


το ποντικι ειναι ενα κατοικιδιο is accepted now.


Why isnt it το ποντίκι είναι το κατοικιφιο? Does pet need an article before it?


In this context the use of the definite article το before the word ποντίκι would change the meaning of the phrase in the same way it would change it in english. What the phrase says is that "the mouse is a pet" not a specific pet, thus no need to define it with the use of a definite article. If it were a specific pet eg. In the phrase Το ποντίκι ειναι το κατοικίδιο του Γιάννη ( The mouse is the pet of Yannis) then you would have to define the word with the use of a definite article.


How many stress symbols should be there in the word κατοικίδιο? I write κατοικίδιο, it says it's incorrect. I write κατοικίδιό, it says it's incorrect again. What is the correct word?


I write κατοικίδιο, it says it's incorrect.

What was your entire answer?

In this sentence, κατοικίδιο should be correct, since there is no possessive after it.


I didn't know it depends on whether there's a possessive with the word. Now I see, thank you. That's strange to put such sentences when the rule for them is in the next topic that I haven't started yet.

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