Is there an easier way to access discussions on my stream??

Hello all.

I love having discussions with people on my streams, but its become more of a hassle. I get a notification the first time someone posts on my stream. So, I'll go to my profile, and see it at the top and reply. However, as the hours/days go by, that conversation gets buried deeper and deeper in my stream. This means I have to

a) remember that I was having a conversation and

b) scroll through a whole day or more worth of "you commented on ...." stuff to find it.

c) just guess and hope that maybe they responded again, but have no idea.

so, is there a way to set up my notifications (I didn't see a way) so that every time someone posts, and answers on my stream I'll see it or an easier way to find/sort through the stuff on my profile stream to find them?


February 28, 2017


I use my email for keeping track of notifications. I have a filter that applies a label to every email from Duolingo, and removes it from the inbox. Anything I want to keep track of, I mark as unread.

February 28, 2017

Unfortunately, not that I know of. I could be wrong, hopefully =)

I have this problem too. I know Duolingo's to-do list is unending, but I wouldn't mind a "Chat" tab at the top bar, to the right of "Activity" and "Discussion". Since they removed Immersion, they need another tab to fill in the now vacant space.

February 28, 2017

dang. okay. and yeah, that spot looks so bare now!!

February 28, 2017
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