XP history, long term learning

I would like to see a feature where I can retrieve my lifetime graph of XP gain per day. As an industrial engineer I have about 6 metrics I would like to look into and see where and how I do my best learning. Dates and XP gain would be a minimum for insights but lessons completed and specific time of completion would be more helpful.
To be able to download as an excel file would be best, but turning the 7 day XP graph on the side into an input based (start and end dates) graph would suffice.

February 28, 2017


Found exactly what I'm looking for by starting a school and enrolling only myself. :) now begins the fun of breaking it down and making charts.

March 5, 2017

That's awesome, thanks so much for figuring that out.

Great idea, I'd like to know how many lessons I did each day, how many tree nodes I completed, how many I strengthened, when I made the next level, etc.

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